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How I Cleared My Acne And Achieved Spot Free Skin!

Yeap, that was literally my skin.

Growing up I suffered badly from constant acne which really affected my self-confidence. I felt ugly, unattractive and anxious that people were always staring at my spots when they were speaking to me.

I tried literally everything under the sun to get fresh, smooth skin I saw everyone else on social media having. Mixing egg with porridge oats and sitting there with it on my face for 10 minutes? Been there, done that. Avocado and honey on my face for 20? Ditto.

I soon learnt that none of these things were really going to help my skin, until I started making smaller changes which led to big improvements. So I've decided to put them all in a video and share them with you to help anyone else going through the same thing!

Have you got any tips for getting clearer skin? Let me know in the comments!

I Spent Over £200 On PrettyLittleThing! This Is What I Got...

Okay, I get it. I need to stop spending money...

But it's the run up to Black Friday so how can I not?!

For this weeks YouTube video I am showing you everything I bought from PrettyLittleThing's pre-Black Friday sale so you can start making your wish list of things you want to get (and don't have to end up paying as much as I did!)

Make sure to leave a comment telling me which items you liked the most and if you're going to be purchasing any for yourself! 

A Day In My Life

Last Friday I was running around like a headless chicken trying to get 1001 things done, so I thought I'd add another task to my plate by recording it all for you!

This weeks YouTube video is a vlog of me (dragging myself out of bed), going to the gym, heading off to uni for some meetings and uni work, and then feeling all festive and going to the Christmas markets which have just opened in Manchester! Yes, I know it's only November.

This is my first vlog on my channel, so let me know what you think! Hope you like it!


This post is going to be heavy one, so if you want an easier understanding of what I'm about to write, I have also filmed a YouTube video about it which you can find at the end of this post.

So grab a cup of coffee, tea, wine, tequila, whatever tickles your fancy and let me just get into it.


The first time the doctor said that I might have endometriosis, I just wanted to cry. I remember being silent in the car on the way home with my boyfriend because he didn't quite understand what it was. When I got home I phoned my mum and burst into tears.

"They think it's endometriosis." "What if I can never have kids?" "I have to have an operation."

I'd heard of endometriosis quite a few times through general research, however didn't know the full facts about the condition. All I knew at that point in time is that it is a chronic illness with no cure that can affect your fertility. 

My symptoms started in December 2018. It all began with pelvic pains which felt like period pains when I wasn't on my period. I was sent for an ultrasound which came back all clear so I thought it was just something of nothing. 

Fast forward 2 months to February 2019, the pains were still there and getting worse, so I was sent for another ultrasound which again, came back all clear. A few weeks after my second ultrasound, I also started to experience bleeding in-between periods and I was also starting to find intercourse with my boyfriend extremely uncomfortable and painful - so back to the doctors I went. 

I was referred by a GP to a private hospital to speak to a specialist gynaecologist. The doctor I saw explained how she suspects that it might be endometriosis and that having a laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) will be the only way to determine if it is or not. 

I have a whole rant about how I was messed around and sent from hospital to hospital, however I'm not going to include that in this post, but I do speak about it in my video. Finally, in July 2019 I went for my operation and was diagnosed with endometriosis. 

Not being able to have children is my second biggest fear in life (death is my first if you were wondering, lol.) From the start of this year I have gone through constant worrying that my fear might come true, but in my case I have been fairly lucky as the doctor said that he checked my ovaries and they were producing eggs as normal and there wasn't enough scar tissue to cause any concern towards infertility. Pheeeeew!

During a laparoscopy, if the surgeon finds endometrial tissue, they can usually remove it there and then. In my case, the endometriosis had started growing on part of my artery, therefore the surgeon could not cut the cells away due to the risk of the operation being too high in case they accidentally pierced the artery. 

This means that I will always have endometriosis present in my body. The complication with endometriosis is that it can multiply and spread to other parts of the reproductive system, therefore throughout my life I will have to go for more laparoscopy's to make sure it isn't affecting my fertility. Along with this, I will also always suffer with the symptoms of the condition such as severe pain. It has been 4 months since my operation and the symptoms are nowhere as bad as they were, but they are still present and still affecting parts of my life. What nobody speaks about with endometriosis is the mental effect it can have on you. I now subconsciously associate intercourse with pain, which you don't need to be a psychologist to realise that would make it less enjoyable for me and make it extremely hard for me to "get in the mood." This then has an effect on my relationship. Along with this, I can never be 100% certain if I am ever going to be able to have kids because yes, at this moment in time my endometriosis isn't at the stage where it will affect my fertility, however as I will always have the condition, I am unaware of the rate it may grow. The only way I can be sure is to have an operation, and that in itself is an experience I don't really want to have to go through for the rest of my life.

Going on the combined hormone pill can actually slow the process of endometrial cell division, so I have been prescribed by my doctor to go back on the pill after I made a decision to come off the pill completely a few months ago.

I decided to film my experience and put it into a YouTube video so that if anyone else is going through the same thing then they can have a no bullsh*t view on what it's like, from the emotional side to the physical pain. Like I said before, my endometriosis hasn't fully gone and it will be a condition which I have to live with for the rest of my life, but I'm grateful that I stuck to my guns and kept asking to be seen by the doctor time and time again despite being told that nothing was wrong with me. 

Nobody knows your own body like you do, so if you know that something isn't right demand to be seen until you get to the bottom of the problem. 

New Beauty Buy: The Organic Pharmacy Carrot Butter Cleanser

If you've read any of my previous skincare posts or watched my skincare routine on YouTube, you'd know that I try and only use products which are as natural as possible on my skin to help avoid sensitivity and breakouts.

Recently I made an investment into a carrot butter cleanser by The Organic Pharmacy, after coming across the brand on the Selfridges website and learning that they are a completely natural and organic beauty company - a match made in heaven!

The only way I can describe the brand is that they are a little bit like The Ordinary, but much more expensive! Usually I don't like to splash out on skincare as I tend to run out of product pretty quickly, but I thought I would spend the £43 and give it a go to see if it really is worth investing in skincare.

Carrot butter has properties known for making the skin soft and radiant. After using this product, I've found that my face instantly feels softer and I have also noticed that my complexion is sometimes much more radiant when I wake up in the morning - however other factors such as a good nights sleep or how much water I drank the night before could also play factors in this.

The product also has a strong lavender scent to it, which is one of the first things I noticed when I tried it for the first time. This could be make or break depending of if you're a lover of lavender as the scent does stay on the skin ever after the product has been washed off, however I find this quite soothing and calming as I tend to head to bed straight after doing my skincare.

This cleanser is a balm cleanser which melts instantly when in contact with the skin. It is quite an oily consistency once on the face, so it's probably not the best product for someone with oily skin. I don't use this product everyday as I would definitely break out if I did, so I tend to use it once a week if I have been wearing heavy makeup or if I just want to give my skin some extra TLC. 

Overall, I do think this product is worth the money due to the fact that it is completely natural so you can have the security in knowing that no harsh chemicals are being applied to the skin. It's not a cleanser that I would personally use everyday, however it may suit other skin types better to be used more regularly such as drier complexions.

Have you ever purchased something from this brand or have you tried the carrot butter cleanser?

PLT X Molly-Mae Collaboration, Is It Worth The £££?

Another Haul?! Really?! Yes!

All I've been seeing on social media recently is the current collaboration between PrettyLittleThing and Love Island star, Molly-Mae. This week I bought a few items from the collection to see if it was worth the hype and to help you decide which pieces to spend your money on if you are thinking of purchasing any for yourself!


Black Leggings -

Grey Crop Top:



White Denim Jacket:

Huge PrettyLittleThing and Boohoo Try On Haul!

I've done some damage to my bank account again...oops.

For this weeks YouTube video I've decided to do another haul since my previous two clothing hauls have been my most popular so far. I spent my coin on PrettyLittleThing and Boohoo, so I hope you enjoy seeing what I bought!

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