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Changes I've Seen From Coming Off The Pill

I'm pretty sure that I can speak on behalf of many girls by saying that the pill is an absolute bloody nightmare. After first being prescribed it to help with acne and heavy periods when I was just 15, I continued to use it for 6 years trying different variations which consisted of a lot of trial and error. Some pills made me gain weight while others just drove me into being a complete mental mess. Because of this, I decided to come off the pill altogether and I can hand on heart say it is probably one of the best things I have done for my health for various reasons. 

Increase In Energy
There's no denying that I have always been lazy, however I think there is a difference between being lazy and physically not being able to wake up properly until 2pm and then needing a nap about 2 hours later. This is something I suffered with for a long time and had been to the doctors several times about, only to be told it could be down to a range of different factors. I have now been off the pill for about 2 months and one of the main differences I have noticed is that my energy levels have increased massively! My body now wakes up naturally at the latest 9am and I can go a full day without napping. This change in energy has led me to have higher productivity and motivation levels which have helped me change into a generally happier person! I have suffered with low moods and severe lack of motivation for many years, however only until I came off the pill was I able to look back and realise that my low state of mind correlated to when I first ever started the pill. It's no secret that the pill can affect your mental health, however I think women need to be advised more by healthcare professionals on just how much of an impact it can have as a side effect. 

Losing Weight
About a month into coming off the pill I noticeably saw a change in my weight. Hallelujah, finally! I found myself waking up in the morning with a flat tummy and maintaining that throughout the day with minimal bloating (and this is coming from a girl who usually looks pregnant with twins after a few slices of toast.) Not only did I notice a change in my weight but so did my boyfriend and housemates who pointed it out to me without me mentioning anything about it! 

Coming off the pill hasn't been all good though. During my last period I experienced extreme PMS - something I never really went through while on the pill (probably because it just made me feel like shit constantly anyway...) All of a sudden I found myself wanting to cry at absolutely nothing, saw my moods change from 0 to 100 and just couldn't stop eating everything in sight (I also developed a huge craving for hot and sour and wonton soup from the Chinese which led me to having this for my dinner 4 nights in a row... I wish I was joking...). I guess that now I'm off the pill my PMS will return, but oh well, I guess we can't have it all!

Has anyone else experienced changes after coming off the pill?

Mental Clarity

Life is stress. 
Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

All jokes aside, life can get pretty stressful at times. It might seem like we don't know where we are going in life or that we are not progressing at the rate we want to, or it might just feel like we have an endless to-do list which is getting on top of us. 

Last year I did a post on Why It's Okay To Not Know What To Do With Your Life, which seemed to go down pretty well. So I thought I'd come back with another personal self-development post on mental clarity and how to see clearer when it seems like stress and our thoughts are getting too much.


Our mind is constantly fogged with thoughts. These can be positive, negative or just a bunch of mental notes. Writing everything that's on our mind down on a piece of paper allows you to see things much clearly and allows you to pinpoint just what might be causing your stress. Maybe it's the assignment deadline you've got coming up, maybe you're frustrated because you haven't stated something you said you were going to start, maybe you're anxious about something that might of happened or may happen. It can be hard to analyse what's going on in your head because there can be so much going on in there, so writing it all down in a way that best suits you (journaling, to-do list, etc) can help massively. Once you have it all written down in front of you, you can then create an approach to address everything. 

"Clear space, clear mind". This is coming from the queen of messiness. 
If your surroundings are unorganised and messy then it will subconsciously affect the way you are feeling and perform. Removing clutter from your space will make you feel more relaxed and help you focus on what it is you need to be doing. I know that when I try to do work in a messy space, I always have the thought in the back of my mind that I need to clean up - a subconscious distraction which could be avoided! 

I hold my hands up that I'm one of those people who wakes up and checks social media first thing in the morning and I know that this habit has an affect on the rest of my day. Whether you know it or not, social media makes us think that we need to do better to keep up with everyone else. Social media can also be full of bad or even fake news- something we don't want to be starting our day with. Not only first thing in the morning, but also late at night can be bad to check social media. For most of us, when we are lying in bed our thoughts can be on overdrive and we think deep into silly little things. Checking social media, for me, is the worst time to check it because I always find myself comparing my days to other peoples or even comparing myself to others which can start a chain of thoughts on the way I look, how I act and what I am doing in life. One main tip to help you not check social media as much is to turn off your notifications. If you aren't reminded to check your apps, then you are less likely to do it!

We all go through periods of being down and stressed, but it is important to remember...

New Beauty Buy: HiSmile Review

I am obsessed with the thought of having whiter teeth and if I was ever to get any work done to my body, it would be to get veneers. This product has been absolutely everywhere on social media throughout the past year- The promise of whiter teeth from the comfort of your own home? Yes please. I couldn't not buy it.

Before purchasing I read mixed reviews on whether or not the product actually worked, so I thought the best was to just try it out for myself! I have been using it for just under 3 months now, so I thought I'd share my results with you.

The original HiSmile set consists of one mouth guard, an LED light, and 3 gels which make up 6 sessions.You are advised to use the product everyday for 6 days when you first start using it and then a couple of times a week thereafter. Due to this I ordered 2 more boxes of gels so once I finished the first week, I could then continue using the product without waiting for another order. 

You are provided with a colour chart so you can monitor your progress. Before I started my 6 days my teeth were around a shade 4/5 and after the 6 days I noticed that my teeth had actually whitened to around a shade 3! I also had my boyfriend and housemates notice that my teeth had gone whiter without me saying anything, proving that it does make a noticeable change.


After using this product I did start to notice white spots occurring on my teeth which I had never noticed before. I may be wrong but I think this is down to the use of the LED light. I did some research and the use of the LED light can actually do more harm and good to the enamel on your teeth and in actual fact you don't even need to use the light because the ingredients are a natural whitener anyway. Therefore, simply applying the gel to the mouth-guard and keeping it in for 10 minutes will have the same effect! Due to this I've ditched the LED light. 

I now use my HiSmile once every week to maintain the colour. My teeth have not continued to turn whiter than a 3, but if I was to use it everyday for another 6 days I think they might. Overall I would recommend this product to anyone looking to brighten their smile in a fast, cost effective way!

Have you tried HiSmile?

My Favourite Calvin Klein Clothing Pieces

Instagram: @chloelxuise

Calvin Klein is a brand that without meaning to, I have subconsciously found myself constantly purchasing from, from bralettes to underwear to clothing. Since I'm always adding to my collection I thought I'd share my favourite Calvin Klein clothing pieces so you can share my obsession too and find some pieces to add to your wardrobe!

This two piece lounge set was from CK's "Body" Collection which was endorsed by a campaign featuring the Kardashians. 

The bralette is still in stock and is priced at £30, however the joggers which were priced at around £60 are no longer on the website, however there are some monogram joggers which are similar.

CK's printed tee's have become so popular in the last year as they are simple pieces which can be styled with anything and everything. 

I recently bought the white version for £45 for my holiday to Barcelona after I accidentally put my black version of it in the wash with something red which ended up staining the white print (I'm still learning all this adult stuff.)

This swimsuit was my go-to, holy grail all throughout last summer and it will probably continue to be throughout this year too.

Triangle shaped bikinis are my favourite as they offer support but also look stylish. The contrast of the red, black and white on this particular bikini makes it look amazing on and stand out.

Unfortunately CK no longer stocks this colour, however it does stock the style (intense power) in an army green, pink or black.

Bikini top - £42
Bikini bottoms - £38

What are your favourite CK pieces?

What's In My Bag

These types of posts are a classic. Everyone's got that nosy side to them and I must admit, I love reading posts like these. Since I've moved to university I've found that I carry around way more things in my bag than I did 3 years ago (I actually can't believe that I've been blogging on and off for around 3 years...what), so I thought I'd give you an update into what I carry in my Colette Hayman handbag.

Purse: For ages I was carrying around a battered purse which was full to the brim with receipts and loose change. Last month my boyfriend decided enough was enough and bought me a new Fiorelli one, which I've promised not to overfill! What I love about this purse is that it has a little pouch at the back so I can put my most used cards in there which makes it easier to get out when paying. Anything for a little bit of convenience. 

Planner and Pen: I've never known my life to be so hectic. I have a constant to-do list in between going to uni, managing deadlines, going to work and trying to keep on top of blogging! There's always something popping up in my head that I've forgotten to do, so I carry my planner around with me everywhere. I use the CGD planner and honestly, it has changed my life. There is a whole page dedicated to tasks for the day and then space for you to plan out meals, expenses, shopping lists, exercise, notes and even how much water intake you're getting a day! It's so useful to have literally everything in one handy, aesthetically pleasing book. 

Keys: Pretty self explanatory. I don't want to be locked out of my house. 

Tissues and Tablets: I don't know whats going on with my immune system this year but it seems like since we've jumped into 2019 my body's been going into meltdown with all sorts of problems from the flu to tonsillitis to chest infections! Carrying tissues and tablets around is a must for this part of the year.

Lip Salve and Hand Cream: The Winter is havoc for making my skin dry. To be honest I carry lip salve around with me all year round because I'm obsessed with it and I am constantly applying it to my lips, but I only carry round hand cream with me in the Winter. I am currently using L'Occitane Intensive Hand Balm for very dry skin. This stuff is amazing for moisturising, however it does smell like baby wipes which I'm not too keen on... At 150ml this product is sure to last me all Winter and even going into Spring, so I always have it on me.

Umbrella: I live in Manchester and it's Winter. Do I need to say any more?

Sunglasses: Quite a contradiction to the umbrella, but with the weather the UK has had the past month it can be torrential rain one second and blinding sun the next. I'm not complaining though, I don't mind a 12 month Summer...

Phone and Headphones: Obviously I have my phone glued to my side 24/7 like most other people. Since I travel to work, uni, London and abroad a lot I always make sure that I have at least 2 pairs of headphones with me at all times, just in case one pair breaks or I forget to bring some with me. But I'm not yet stunting with Airpods...

Chewing Gum: I like to eat a lot, and no one likes bad breath. 

What do you carry in your bag?

3 Entrepreneurs Who Provide Endless Girlboss Inspiration

We live in a day in age where women have the freedom to do and be whatever they want and this has resulted in some headstrong, powerful women to excel in what they do and make a name for themselves despite criticism and struggles that got thrown their way. I think it's so important to support other women and congratulate their successes, especially as women tend to have a label of being jealous of other women - something we need to work together and change the perception of. So in honour of International Women's Day I've chosen 3 female entrepreneurs who provide endless girlboss inspiration to show that anything is achievable if you put hard work and focus into it! (And that we don't need no men to help us get there!)


Recently there has been a lot of attention on the struggles of becoming a black influencer after certain YouTubers and Instagram stars have come out and shared their experiences. Despite this, Patricia Bright has managed to become a brand in her own right and rack up an impressive following of 2.7 million YouTube subscribers, close to 1m Instagram followers and be featured in magazines such as Glamour and campaigns with brands such as Bobbi Brown!

Patricia is very open about how she faced judgement from those at work and others when they found out about her online presence, something which she tried to keep a secret at first, and uses her experience to help others build confidence in what they do. She is both beauty and brains as she holds an accounting and finance degree and doesn't let that go to waste as she uses it to educate others on how they should invest and save their money (YouTube videos that I have watched many times and are so helpful!)

Along with being a highly successful entrepreneur who it has been said makes 6 figures a year, she is also a wife and a mother to a gorgeous baby girl. Patricia recently came out with a book this year, Heart and Hustle, which contains her story and tips on building a brand and achieving your dreams. Definitely one to read and definitely a woman to watch!


Michelle Obama is the true definition of a girlboss and is a woman who shows that success isn't measured on how much money you own or if you own your own business. 

Michelle's success is completely separate from her husbands (Barack Obama, in case you haven't already made the connection...) While her husband shows endless support for his wife, she has individually fought for what she believes in and made a name for herself by herself by campaigning for feminism, racial injustice and even childhood obesity. 

Despite her status, she is a very humble woman who is keen to show the world that she is no different or superior to others, something she has shown in her book, Becoming.

She is really a woman who fights for making the word an equal and better place for everyone and is one of the most successful black women in history. True girlboss inspiration! 


Sophia Amoruso is the woman who made the term girlboss so famous with her book "#GirlBoss". This book inspired me so much and I recommend it to anyone who wants to start their own brand but feels overwhelmed or frightened at the concept.

In her book Sophia explains how becoming an entrepreneur and setting up her own business was never an easy rise and actually an accident! She was hired, fired, and then tried to raise extra cash by selling clothes on Ebay in her spare time - Something which rapidly increased in sales and has now turned into one of the biggest online clothing retailers, Nasty Gal.

She has a no-nonsense, straight to the point mentality which is both respectable and hilarious. She has taught millions who have read her book that being a girlboss is nowhere near easy and that most of the time you'll feel like you're getting nowhere and wont know what you're doing- but perseverance is key and dedication works off!

Her journey has also been turned into a Netflix series called, you guessed it, Girlboss. Sophia Amoruso truly lives, breathers and hustles the term. 

Who do you think is an inspiring girlboss?

The Ultimate List Of Online Clothing Shops

Nothing beats shopping for clothes from the comfort of your bed with a cup of tea (or wine if you're more like me...) But sometimes it can get quite stressful. It can seem like you've looked through every online brand's website and still haven't found the perfect outfit that you put together in your head. I've been there one too many times, so I thought I'd put together the ultimate list of online shops so you'll be able to find the perfect outfit for every occasion, and avoid last minute outfit meltdowns! 

Motel Rocks
Oh Polly
Missy Empire
Baby Boo Fashion
Pink Boutique
Rebellious Fashion
Tiger Mist
In The Style
My Bandage Dress
Mistress Rocks
Dress Me Zee
Fashion Nova
The Fashion Bible

What are your favourite online stores?
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