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The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is one of those subjects where people either believe in it, or think it's a load of utter sh*t.

When I first heard about it I was very sceptical. Thinking about what you want so it will come true? I thought it was stupid. But then I started to think about things that I used to wish for and hoped over and over would happen, and I realised they did.

I was shook. 

I was first introduced to the law of attraction when I started a network marketing company (thats a whole other blog post) and its now something I swear by.

It is more than just thinking about something and then it happening, the whole process acts as a motivation to achieve. It's scientifically proven that everything consists of energy, even our thoughts. So it makes sense that every thought we radiate, it emits into the atmosphere.

Am I sounding crazy yet?

To make it seem less "crazy", the law of attraction teaches you to be grateful and mindful, and to always think positively about life and what you want from it. If you are constantly thinking of what you want, you are more likely to become driven to achieve it. It makes sense. It can also be seen as a form of self help.

It is a bit more than just thinking though. It's also about visualisation - something I may write another post on. If you're wanting to learn more about the law of attraction, then the book The Secret (you've probably heard about it 1000 times) explains it in depth and explains everything you should practice. It also contains real life examples of success stories which act as a further motivation.

I'm keen to know whether you believe in the law of attraction? or if you've read The Secret? Let me know in the comments!

The Bag Edit : The Purificacion Garcia Origami Bag

I've always been a shoe person over a bag person, but lately I can't get enough of buying myself new bags and finding new styles. 

I recently purchased this gorgeous handbag for my mum after she found it on the Purificacion Garcia website and said how much she loved it. I'd never seen a bag like it before with its origami 3D shape so its a 10/10 for originally and I knew no one else would have a bag like it. 

Along with its design, it also has a subtle gold detailing of the PG initials which I like as it's not a designer bag which is in your face with branding. 

With an £148 price tag, the bag comes in 33 colours to choose from, so I think the bag could be a perfect gift for anyone, including yourself! I got this bag in the colour "pink" (really inventive name.)

What do you think about this bag?

The Stripe Jumpsuit

One of my favourite parts of getting ready for summer is planning out my holiday outfits! A few months ago I purchased this black and white vertical stripe jumpsuit from Urban Outfitters and I'm obsessed with it.

This can either be worn as a day with flats, or be dressed up as a night outfit with heels.

I got this jumpsuit in a size down as I didn't want it to be dragging along the floor becoming dirty and damaged when I wore flats with it. It's the perfect length as it is still long enough when I wear heels. 

What do you think of this playsuit? 

Double Denim Days

Okay, so you know how a few weeks ago I said in a post I had started to invest in more denim?
Yeah... I think I've taken it too far...

Double denim has always been one of those styles where you either love it or you hate it. It always seems to come back into fashion for the shortest time because nobody truly knows what they think of it.

I thought I'd give it a go by pairing these ripped jeans from Boohoo with a ripped jacket from Primark (yes, rip overload), shoes from New Look and crop top also from Primark. 

What do you think of double denim?

New Fashion Buy : Boohoo Cropped Ripped Jeans

Ever since I was a little girl, I've hated jeans. I just can't stand the feel of them so I've always opted for trousers, leggings or jeggings. But recently I've felt like I need to suck it up and buy myself a few pairs, and safe to say I'm impressed. 

I bought these cropped distressed straight leg jeans from Boohoo and I can't get enough of them. They're a soft jean material so they don't irritate me as much as normal jeans do, and I also love the cropped style as they're perfect for Summer. 

When buying trousers or jeans, I usually opt for tight fitting, skinny styles to help enhance my curves. With these jeans being a straight leg, they do make me look mike Mrs-no-butt, but I'm liking the different vibe for a change. 

What do you think of these jeans?

Race Day at Chester Races

The other week I decided to travel back to my hometown of Chester for a spontaneous day at the races. After living in Chester for the majority of my life before moving to France coming up to 6 years ago, going back to the city and seeing how much it had changed was really nostalgic for me, and it reminded me just how much of a beautiful city it really is.

I don't agree with the concept and ethics of horse racing, however since I hadn't been to the races since I was about 8 years old due to moving abroad, I wanted to go to almost relive my childhood and see it from an older perspective. That, and I wanted a chance to dress up and have a few drinks...

The races which were on that day only consisted of the horses running on a flat concourse with no jumps, therefore it is much safer than the more commercialised races.

Being located in the County Stand, I had to adhere to a strict dress code, so I opted for this white lace dress from River Island, paired with my black heels from Simmi Shoes (and yes, I lasted all day in my heels...impressive). 

Have you ever been to the races or Chester in general? 

All About My Septum Piercing

Before anyone asks, yes it is real.
If i got a penny for every time someone asked me if my septum piercing was real, I'd be one very rich gal.


Last September I extremely spontaneously decided I wanted to get a septum piercing. I have no clue why because I had never even thought about wanting one before or, nor did I even think they were that great of a piercing to get. But 8 months on, I'm still here with it in. 

Since septum piercings aren't overly common, I thought I'd share my experience and answer some questions I'm usually asked about the process! So if you're thinking of getting one, or just nosey (join the club) then keep reading!

I got my piercing done at a place called Holier Than Thou, in Manchester's Northern Quarter. To be honest I didn't really do much research into the best place to get it done because there's loads of trusted piercing places in Manchester, and I already knew some people who had gotten piercings here.

For the piercing alone it cost £20, but obviously you had to buy jewellery alongside that to be pierced with which was an additional £15, so it cost a total of £35.

Okay, this is probably the most frequent question I'm asked about my piercing.

Before the woman stuck a huge needle through my nose (just think about how thick the cartilage in your nose is, and then picture what the needle must look like) she explained the whole process of how it was going to be carried out. She explained that it would be painful but OH MY GOD, actual tears started streaming down my face. I am a drama queen, but I'm not going to lie that this piercing did hurt a lot. I have had rib tattoos, 6 lobe piercings (two of which I did myself), my helix pierced, and my conch pierced, and this was by far the worst pain out of them all. I do have quite a high pain threshold, but I would have to give the pain about an 8/10. In my experience, there was no blood when it was being pierced. 

You are advised not to play around and move your septum piercing after you get it done. But me being me couldn't resist and played with it a lot, which really didn't help.

After being pierced, it did sting for a while, and I was walking around Manchester looking like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. But it was just a subtle sting, nothing excessive.

Once I got it pierced I ALWAYS forgot it was there, which led to me knocking it several times when I went to go blow my nose, wash my face or do my makeup. Knocking it in the first few weeks of having it done is horrendous and extremely painful, so if you are going to get it pierced, be wary of that!

I was told to keep my jewellery in for around 6 weeks before I could change it, but me being me changed it about 4 weeks after. I was pieced with a horseshoe barbell piercing, and I didn't really like the look of it on me, so I decided to buy a circular hoop of the same thickness and swap it. Despite swapping my jewellery before I was supposed to, nothing happened and it continued to heal as normal.

3 months after I got it pierced I stared a new job so I took my piercing out and wore a clear retainer in it so no one knew it was pierced. 3 months later in March I put the jewellery back in and my piercing did become slightly infected on the left side of my nose which was quite uncomfortable. However, it healed naturally over the course of 2 weeks.

Personally I like the more smaller and dainty looking piercings. 
As I said before, I started out with a horseshoes barbell which I didn't like, and I now wear and 8mm diameter surgical steel circular hoop with a 14g gauge.

What do you think abut septum piercings?

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