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YSL Beauty Review

As cosmetics are things which tend to run out quite quickly, I've never been someone who can justify spending my money on designer beauty products.  However saying that, here I am with a YSL beauty review... Am I okay?

Yves Saint Laurent has always been a designer brand which I adore fashion wise. I mean have you seen their heels?! So when I saw their beauty set, I thought I'd give it a go. 

This specific set was an eye set containing a mascara, liner and makeup remover. 

The brush of this mascara is a straight, one length brush which means there is equal application on each of the lashes. Its formula can be layered to achieve a very intense night look, but can also be applied lightly for a more day-to-day too. I found that when going for a natural application, I didn't have to apply much which I find I have to do with some drugstore mascaras.


I'm shook. Absolutely shook.

This eyeliner is such a creamy yet pigmented consistency which can easily be applied and even easily blended (amazing if you like to create smokey effects). This liner is also waterproof which I believe all liners should be! Not only that but once applied, this stuff literally doesn't budge! 


Eye & Lip Makeup Remover
As you can tell by the photos, the makeup remover in this set is pretty small, so personally I do think it will go very far. However, it does its job.

For my skincare routine I prefer micellar water over makeup remover, so I can be quite biased on this part of the review. However, you can smell that this product contains harsh chemicals to remove the makeup, and personally that's something I try to avoid at all costs, especially as its branded to be for the eyes.


Have you ever tried YSL beauty?

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is quite a subjective topic- some people swear by it, and others think it's a pile of utter sh*t.

When I first heard about the concept I was very sceptical. I thought the whole process of thinking about something so much that it'll come true was something you'd expect to read in a children's fiction book. But I began to become intrigued to see what all the fuss was about. 

Unless you're living under a rock, you've probably heard about the book, The Law of Attraction by Rhonda Byrne, which is dedicated to explaining the theory of the law of attraction. I was listening to Steven Bartlett's podcast, Diary of a CEO, the other morning whilst doing my makeup (which if you haven't already, you need to give it a listen because it's super motivational) and he explained how he absolutely hated the book due to it not placing a larger emphasis on the fact that in order to actually achieve the things you're constantly visualising, you actually have to WORK for them. I couldn't agree more. 

What most people fail to understand or put into practice is that the law of attraction is more than just thinking about something and then it mysteriously happening. The whole process should merely act as a motivation to achieve and constantly remind you of the reason of why you do what you do- why you get up in the morning, why you do the job do, why you started in the first place.

 Some may scientifically argue that it's proven that everything consists of energy, even our thoughts. So it makes sense that every thought we radiate emits into the atmosphere. I don't disagree with this, but I believe that constantly motivating yourself to achieve what you want will allow you to fall into more opportunities to get you where you want. Whether you believe that is the result of a greater force providing these opportunities for you or the result of hard work is up to you. 

The reason I decided to write this post was that after listening to Steve's podcast, I started thinking about the things that I used to wish and hope for over and over would happen, and I realised they did.

Safe to say I was shook. 

So I'm keen to know your thoughts on the law of attraction or if you've ever visualised and manifested things into your life. Make sure to let me know in the comments!

Listen to Steve's podcast, Diary of a CEO, Here:

How To Clear Debt During University

Most university students get themselves into debt in their first year of university through their overdraft. Fact.

After being extremely stable in my first year of university due to savings and landing a well paid job, in my second year I got myself into a huge financial situation, causing myself to max out my £1,000 overdraft and struggling for money. 

However now, I've managed to clear my overdraft and I'm steadily saving up more and money money. I'm not writing this post to try and be some financial advisor, because I am in no way one of those and only got a B in my maths GCSE, but I am writing this post as I want those who are going to start university in September to know that you should try your hardest not to dip into your overdraft, no matter how tempting it can be, and to also help those who may be in their overdraft and struggling to pay it off. 

This sounds so simple, but its amazing the amount of people who continue to spend their overdraft when they're struggling to get out of it. 

Opening up another account with your bank will allow you to deposit any incomes you have coming in, no matter how small or large, and you should use only this account for your spending, leaving your overdraft account and slowly adding to it in order to pay it off. 

Once in your overdraft, you shouldn't be putting any of your incomings straight into your overdraft account, as it will leave you confused on how much money you actually have to spend which in turn may cause you to be eating more into your overdraft.

Contactless is such a useful invention, but also a dangerous one. The amount of times I've paid on contactless without even thinking about what I'm spending is ridiculous. If I knew I had money in my account I wouldn't really care, until I checked my banking app and found I'd gone overdrawn again and again and again. 

Paying in cash causes you to become more cautious with what you are spending, as you are more reluctant to hand over physical cash. You've probably heard this loads, but its true!

Okay this point sounds a bit odd, but I don't mean it how you've probably taken it... shame on you. I mean don't be reliant on Uber, taxis and buses when you can simply walk places! 

It's so easy to just press a button and have an uber come for you to take you down the road for only £3 or so. But the amount of times I've done this is ridiculous and it all adds up. One month I wrote down EVERYTHING I spent and I realised that by the end of the month I had spent over £1,200 on transport... IN A MONTH. Thats £14,400 a year. Quick Maths.

If you live in a city and have to rely on transport, I would highly recommend buying a bus pass as it will save you A LOT of money in a year. You may not want to part with around £300 for it, but trust me, it's worth it. 

Just Eat, Deliveroo and Ubereats are my failure. Ask anyone who knows me, I was titled the Queen of Takeaways with the amount I got. Not only did this make me fat, it also made me broke.

Many restaurants have a minimum spend of £10 for home delivery. If you went to the shop with £10, you could probably buy ingredients for about 3 different meals and the time it takes for the takeaway to be delivered to you is more-or-less the time it takes to get off your butt and go cook. 

I'm not saying you should ditch takeaways all together, because lets face it we're all students who are partial to a kebab... But maybe just cut down the amount you have.

This is word that scares most students. A lot of people I know have the mentality of "I get a student loan, I don't need a job" ... and they're also the ones I know who are in debt.

Coincidence? I think not.

Fair play that some students get enough student loan that they don't have to get a job, but most students don't get that amount and they just think money is going to magically appear (or just rely on their parents). 

When I maxed out my overdraft I got 2 jobs, alongside selling clothing online. Most weekends I was getting a maximum of 3 hours sleep and going from one job to the next, not getting home until about 4am (one of my jobs was a club... don't get it twisted).

I didn't want to work, but I had to. And the funny thing is I'm kind of glad I had to go through this situation as now my work ethic is amazing and I can financially depend on myself which is an amazing feeling. Not only that but I have more to put on my CV which will help me in the future.

Whether you're starting university this September, or are currently in university, please don't forget that overdrafts and students loans aren't just free money. They're debts which you will have to pay back, and the more of them you spend, the more of a worse situation you are getting yourself in to if you do not have an income which can support it. 

Bloody hell, does this mean I'm an adult now? 

I'm thinking of making a YouTube video about my university experience and maybe a mini q&a, so if that's something you'd like to see make sure to tell me in the comments and maybe leave me some questions!

The Couture Club

Can we all just appreciate how I think I've found my most favourite outfit EVER.

When The Couture Club first launched, I had to jump on the bandwagon and purchase some items. The brand seemed to be everywhere on social  media and even more so where I live with the brand being advertised on the back on buses, on the whole of black cabs, and with pop up stores in the best clubs. When I worked in the Trafford Centre, I walked past the store every single week with it's in store DJ (yes, an actual DJ in the window) blaring music, making it unmissable. 

As I live in Manchester where the brand is based, it seems EVERYONE has items from The Couture Club which puts me off wanting to purchase any more day-to-day clothes from the brand to wear when I'm at university. But when I'm back home in France it's a brand I love to wear as it's not widely known, making my fashion sense stand out. 

This oversized contrast hoodie is £60, and I also have the signature distressed hoodie which has been photographed in my post, "why it's okay to not know what to do with your life".

What do you think about The Couture Club?

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Review: Stranded Hair Extensions

I've always been in a love - hate relationship with my hair. 

With it being naturally curly and frizzy I've always found it hard to manage and this led me to start straightening it from an early age. I've grown up straightening my hair so much that I have almost trained it to be less curly, resulting in a loss of curls for the odd occasion when I do want to wear my hair natural. You could say I've ultimately ruined my hair.

I've always, always, allllllways wanted my hair. When I was younger I'd sit for hours googling "ways to make my hair grow fast overnight", and I can't begin to explain to you all the weird shit I put in my hair due to this. (Egg and avacado "hair mask" isn't the best look...)

However i've come to learn that I will never be able to grow my hair out naturally unless I ditch the heat, and living in rainy Manchester that's not something I'm prepared to do because as soon as I step out of the house I'll transfer into a poodle. (Again, not a good look...)

So one day I just decided to purchase myself some extensions to test out having longer hair. I purchased them from the brand Stranded through the website Pauls Hair World I knew they were a trusted hair supplier since they have two stores in Manchester.  

Since I was ordering online, I didn't want to splash out on expensive human hair extensions because 1) I wasn't sure about the colour matching, and I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of buying and returning a thousand pairs before I found my right shade, and 2) I didn't want to spend loads because I didn't know if I'd like them, or if they'd cause more harm than good to my hair. I purchased cheap as I only wanted to test them out, not use them in the long run. 

D'ya get me? 

I bought 3 sets of the same extension in 14", 18" and 22" so I could play around with the length and layering of them. With having naturally unruly hair I needed the extensions to be thick too, just incase my hair decided it didn't want to cooperate. You know them ones. 

I'm not going to lie, I was SPOT ON with the colouring of my extensions. I got them in the colour Nigella which was an exact match for my natural colour both in and out of direct sunlight, which can be a huge problem with synthetic extensions. When they first arrived you couldn't even tell they were synthetic, I was shocked. They had the look and feel of human hair extensions. I was over the moon.

Lol, that feeling didn't last though.

The first time of wearing them was perfect, they lasted the whole night without getting knotted or matted. However, with some more uses I found that they started to need constant brushing otherwise I'd look like I'd been dragged through a bush. 

With my 4th application of the extensions, one of the clips become detached from the hairpiece on the 14" extensions. With previous extensions I've had in the past (a loooong time ago) that always happened after a while, but I didn't expect it to happen on the 4th application, and if it was going to happen to any, I'd expect it to have happened to the 22" due to being the heaviest piece.

My overall rating for these extensions would be a 6.5
They're good for short-term uses, but their price really does reflect in their quality. What you pay for in the start is extremely worth it, or like me you just want to try them out, but if you're wanting them for daily use, it would be more cost effective to splash out on some more expensive ones, or invest in human hair. 

Have you ever had extensions? If so, what are your favourite brands?!

Summer Athleisure

As I've said a million times, I love athleisure. 

But finding how to wear summer altheisure without just walking around in gym shorts all summer can be quite a challenge. 

I'm absolutely obsessed with this oversized green trefoil side Adidas top which I've decided to wear as a dress. It's lightweight material is perfect for hotter days and for an oversized t-shirt, its not too short , in my opinion

I paired this with a cap and also my heeled boots, but for a more summer look it can also be paired with open toe heels and some oversized glasses rather than the hat.

What do you think about this look?! Is it a vibe?

The Bag Edit : The Purificacion Garcia Origami Bag

I've always been a shoe person over a bag person, but lately I can't get enough of buying myself new bags and finding new styles. 

I recently purchased this gorgeous handbag for my mum after she found it on the Purificacion Garcia website and said how much she loved it. I'd never seen a bag like it before with its origami 3D shape so its a 10/10 for originally and I knew no one else would have a bag like it. 

Along with its design, it also has a subtle gold detailing of the PG initials which I like as it's not a designer bag which is in your face with branding. 

With an £148 price tag, the bag comes in 33 colours to choose from, so I think the bag could be a perfect gift for anyone, including yourself! I got this bag in the colour "pink" (really inventive name.)

What do you think about this bag?

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