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PLT X Molly-Mae Collaboration, Is It Worth The £££?

Another Haul?! Really?! Yes!

All I've been seeing on social media recently is the current collaboration between PrettyLittleThing and Love Island star, Molly-Mae. This week I bought a few items from the collection to see if it was worth the hype and to help you decide which pieces to spend your money on if you are thinking of purchasing any for yourself!


Black Leggings -

Grey Crop Top:



White Denim Jacket:

Huge PrettyLittleThing and Boohoo Try On Haul!

I've done some damage to my bank account again...oops.

For this weeks YouTube video I've decided to do another haul since my previous two clothing hauls have been my most popular so far. I spent my coin on PrettyLittleThing and Boohoo, so I hope you enjoy seeing what I bought!

Finding Your Life's Purpose.

Last year I wrote a post on why it's okay to not know what to do with your life, and to date that is one of my most viewed and most well-received post I have ever written.

The general feedback I got from that post is that a lot of you really don't know where you want to go in your life and sometimes seem pressured into needing to know or hit milestones at times which are deemed as the "norm". If you've clicked on this post, chances are you too don't know what to do with your life and feel stuck in a process to figure it out.

Everybody goes through this and that's okay!

At the start of this year I set up my own business and since then things have just got better and better. I have found a true passion which pays me and I'm well on my way to achieving one of my biggest life goals of being my own boss. Let me know if you want a post about my business and what I do!

Finding what I want to do for the rest of my life, I'm going to refer to it "purpose" in this post, didn't come easy. For most of my life I felt like I was lacking and behind everyone who seemed to know what university course they wanted to do, or what they wanted to do as a career. I simply felt as if I was plodding along, knowing I wanted to run my own business, but not knowing exactly what the business was going to be and feeling like there was no way little old me could ever set up something of my own. That's when I found this concept of "Ikigai".

Ikigai translates to "a reason of being" in Japanese and is a Japanese concept which brings together 4 elements: passion, mission, vocation and profession. In other words, your ikigai is finding an occupation which you love, are good at, helps others and pays you!

You're probably thinking, "well...duh?" 

And I don't blame you. That's what everyone is searching for, but sometimes it can be difficult to put a finger on just what exactly that is. This is where the ikigai comes in!

What would you do if money was no object?

If you have an answer to this, then why the hell aren't you doing it?! In life the hardest yet most rewarding thing you can do for yourself is to not care about other people's opinions and eliminate your battle of self-doubt.

If you don't have an answer to this question, grab a pen and paper.
Image result for ikigai

In one corner of the page write down everything you are good at, absolutely everything.
In the second corner write down everything you love to do and things which get you excited.
In the third corner write everything you think the world needs more of or could benefit from.
In the fourth corner write down everything you can be paid money for.

Be totally truthful with this exercise - nobody else has to see this list except for you.

If you have found something which fits in all 4 categories (and there will be something), then congratulations, you have found your ikigai!

Your passions are what make you feel significant and you can turn absolutely any passion into a career. Once you have found your purpose your life will start to lead more direction and happiness. Money will merely be a bonus. 

Let me know down below if you try this technique, or if you have already found where you want to go in life!

Malta Holiday Vlog

Who else doesn't want Summer to end? Because I know I definitely don't! 

In June I hopped on a plane with my boyfriend and went to Malta for the week! I had been to Malta before, however this time I stayed in a different area and explored different places and honestly, it will be a holiday to remember!

Since I'm on a flow of creating YouTube videos at the moment, I decided to film my whole trip and upload it as a vlog for you all! If you haven't already, please go and subscribe and leave a little like and comment!

Hope you like it!

Get To Know Me Tag!

When you have a blog, it can be difficult to get across your true personality through writing. I have had my blog for 3 years now (wow) and I feel like I haven't done a post to really help you get to know me. 
Since I now have a YouTube channel, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me to do the get to know me tag so you can get to know me a bit better! I'll be answering loads of questions from personal to random to help you get a better understanding of what I'm all about! 

Do you have any other questions I should answer? Leave them in the comments!

Huge PrettyLittleThing Try On Haul

Can I please have a pat on the back with how consistent I'm staying with my YouTube channel?! I mean this is only my 4th upload, but still, I'm proud. 

This time I'm back with another haul video, showing you the damage I caused to my bank account from spending way too much money on Pretty Little Thing! I pretty much rinsed the whole of my bank account buying so many outfits for my holiday to Malta, but it was worth it!

Let me know which outfit was your favourite, and don't forget to like and subscribe!
Also leave a little comment telling me what other videos you would like to see from me! 

My Skincare Routine!

If you told me 2 years ago that I would be posting pictures of myself without makeup to the internet and creating content about my skincare routine for the whole world to see, I would have laughed in your face. Not to be rude, but because I had such low self esteem about the way I naturally looked. I felt embarrassed to even let my housemates see me without makeup, let alone leave the house without it. 

Fast forward to now, here I am. With a whole video dedicated to the steps I take to keep my skin looking it's best. I feel like when you're confident with who you are on the inside, you become much more confident in how you feel on the outside, and I want to remind anyone reading this post that beauty isn't defined by how you look with or without makeup, it's about your personality traits and being happy with who you are internally. 

Okay, so now I've been all deep, I'll just let you watch the video. 
Enjoy :)

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