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Monday, 4 January 2016

PERSONAL: What I Hope To Achieve in 2016

Okay, yes I know 99% of blogs on the internet are doing this exact same post this month, but I've decided to jump on the bandwagon too so I am able to really reflect on what I want to achieve this year and be able to look back on it and see how much of a success (or lets be more more real...failure) I was at fulfilling them for myself. I'm not going to list superficial things like "becoming more confident within myself" or "stop caring what others think", I have specific, tangible goals that I can hopefully pursue. Personally, 2015 wasn't anything special or successful for me, if anything I didn't really achieve anything extravagant that will stay with me for the rest of my life, so I plan to make this year one I wont forget!

Pass my International Baccalaureate
So let's get the obvious, academic side of my goals out of the way. This is the year I finally graduate school forever (Hopefully!) & I can't wait to get out of there. I've never fully enjoyed school. Even though I may seem extrovert to some, in reality I class myself as an introvert due to confidence issues leading me to often feel judged, scared and somewhat intimidated by those around me. To a degree, now I've started making YouTube videos and blog posts that people at school know about my confidence has slightly increased as I do care less about what others think, however I've always felt that I could't be myself at school, no idea why, but I feel that way. So finally when school is over and I move on with my life, hopefully I can gain confidence and truly be happy doing what I want to do. 

Get in to university!
So this links to my goal of passing my IB, but I want to get in to university! My UCAS application has been completed and I have already been offered places in all 5 of the universities I applied to! Woohoo! My firm choice has been confirmed to Manchester Metropolitan which requires 26 IB points and I have been predicted 33 so hopefully I stay on target and get in! 

Get a job in Topshop
My love with fashion strongly developed around 5 years ago when I out-of-the-blue decided I wanted to be a fashion buyer when I grew up. I still hold part of that dream however nowadays I have extended it to generally working for Topshop! My obsession with working for this company did not stem from the idea of discounted Joni Jeans (even though that is a benefit!), but because to me they are the best multinational, fast fashion retailer and I would love to start my career off working for such a well know, reputable fashion brand that I love.

Grow my blog and YouTube channel
call me cliché but having my own blog and YouTube channel is something I have wanted to do for a long time yet I never had the full confidence to do it out of fear of what others might say about me doing it. However, I've come to realize in the past few years that the fashion industry is the career path I want to take and the less experience and passion I have to show for it, the harder getting in to the industry it will be. Some people want to be dancers and take dance classes outside of school and/or partake in performances and no-one ever talks negative about that, so why should I have the mindset that people are going to talk negative about me when I'm doing something which will contribute towards my future and that I truly want to do? Living in France it's hard for me to find part-time jobs while in school as I am not fluent in the language, so by blogging and doing Youtube I can hopefully build up meaningful experience while having fun!

So there we go! The things I wish to achieve in 2016! Hopefully at the end of this year I will do a blog post about whether I achieved these goals, but until then I have a whole year! 

Happy New Year! What are your 2016 goals?! Tell me in a comment below!


  1. Can't wait to see what you'll be up to in 2016 girl! My goal is to blog consistently and also time management!! I've never been great with managing my time well but I hope in 2016 I hope I can make a good start!


    1. Ah thank you! You have such good goals! I need to be better with time management too, and with that, getting up on time in the morning...hahaha!

  2. Good luck on your IB and getting into uni! xx


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