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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

What's in my bag?

I don't know what it is which gives me so much satisfaction reading about what other people carry around with them in their bag...but there's something.

Whenever I read these types of posts, I always compare what other people have in their bag to what I have in mine, and if there's some essential I don't have in my bag, I need it. ASAP.
So this is my bag, the Lancaster Paris, ADELE...and this is the pointless shit I carry around with me. Enjoy:)

My Phone
So let's get the obvious out the way first, yes? Obviously I take my phone places with me for safety reasons so in case I die, I can attempt to dial for help (Joke, I'm just addicted to Twitter and Instagram).

Hand Cream
I never normally use hand cream if I'm totally honest, but it's ALWAYS in my bags for those random moments in my life when I feel like I need to hydrate my hands (Plus it can come in soooo handy in the Summer if I wear shorts and I forget to moisturize my legs!)

I like to think I'm somewhat organised with my life, so I love to carry around a diary with me. It also comes in handy when I remember things I need to do (or more realistically, forget what I'm supposed to be doing!)

See above.

I'm absolutely IN LOVE with this purse from ASOS! Despite there not being much content inside it, it's pretty to hold when I actually do have money to spend on things!

So I can get back into my house and I'm not left homeless.

(basically empty) Mints
Most people carry mints in their bag for when they need to freshen up their breath, but I eat mints (especially tic tacs) like sweets! But hey, at least I'm sure I have minty breath! (I hope...)

I have a habit of applying chapstick on my lips nearly every hour. Even when I'm sitting watching the telly I will have a chapstick next to me for me to apply. My lips get super abnormally dry and chapped, so I have to keep those babies hydrated at all times!

This year I really want to get into reading. I've always admired people who look so relaxed and lost in a book in public places, especially in coffee shops. I'm currently in the process of reading two books. The Shock Of The Fall, which is a fictional book and #Girlboss which is more inspirational and personal. I really should just start out by trying to get through one book at a time...but oh well.

For when humans and reality gets on my nerves and I need to block out the sound of any human presence:)

What do you carry in your bag?
Cloe xox

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