Hair. Something which I've gone through some pretty crazy stages with, from the Nicki Minaj full fringe to Rihanna red...yup. Recently I've been wearing my hair completely natural and curly and I've seen amazing results with its growth! So today I thought I'd show you my hair care routine!

Before The Shower
About an hour or two before I head into the shower, I always apply oil to my hair as a repair treatment. My hairs pretty fucked from the past 8 years of me straightening it every single day, so it needs as much help as it can! The two I've been alternating between recently have been the Jean-Claude Biguine Precious Oil and Le Petit Marseillais Hair Elixir.

In The Shower
In the shower I always shampoo the roots of my hair with the Jean-Caude Biguine shampoo while applying the conditioner from the same brand onto ends so the shampoo doesn't dry it out. Afterwards, I apply the Jean-Claude Biguine repairing mask (which smells fucking amazing can I just add) for around 5 minutes while I do the rest of my shower routine. This post is not sponsored by Jean-Claude Biguine, I'm just obsessed with the products!

Out Of The Shower
I NEVER dry my hair with a normal towel as it turns my hair into a complete frizz ball mess. Instead I use an old cotton t-shirt. After drying the majority of my hair with the shirt, I leave my hair to air dry, however add Evoluderm Argan Oil throughout, focusing on my ends.

And that's it! At night to avoid tangles and frizz I put my hair up in a loose bun.

What's your haircare routine?
Cloe xox