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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Autumn Athleisure


These past few months have been crazy, from flying in-between France and the UK multiple times, moving into my new house, and travelling here-there-and-everywhere with my boyfriend for festivals and mini-breaks. But now I finally have a few weeks to relax before uni starts... ugh.

I've found my styles changed quite a bit over this Summer to a more laid back look. Since I've been travelling a lot, I've found myself chucking on the comfiest, simplest clothes, and adopting the athleisure trend (which is ironic because the thought of the gym makes me want to comfort eat...) 

You just can't go wrong with a jumpsuit. They're comfortable and fuss-free and can easily be dressed up with some heels. But recently I'm all about flats, in particular my go-to Adidas Superstars. 

I'm in love with my military khaki jumpsuit and was shocked when I found it in Primark. Usually, I'm not a fan of Primark and I can't stand being in there for any more than 10 minutes  otherwise it drives me insane, but I've found they've really upped their game recently in regards to the style and quality of their clothes (but they really need to get rid of those Love Island tops, if you know, you know...)

Jumpsuits will definitely be my go-to for Autumn. They're great for the transition into the colder season, and there are so many different styles to chose from. 

What's going to be your go to outfit for Autumn?
Cloe xox

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  1. This jumpsuite is amazing.
    Great look.


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