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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Bye clxelouise - My Break From Blogging

When I first started this blog I gave it my complete dedication constantly uploading, networking, and finding a true passion. When I moved to university 6 months down the line, I put blogging on hold so I could get used to my new life away from home and in a new country, and this is something I've always regretted. 

Two years later and my blog uploads have been erratic, with working 2 jobs alongside university and trying to maintain a social life finding the time to work on my blog just wasn't possible (because it's way more than just taking a photo, writing some words and uploading it like many people think...) Blogging was always at the back of my mind as something I knew I wanted get back into. Even though I haven't been posting I've continuously been thinking about content ideas, ways to reinvent my blog, and loads of other things.

My passion for blogging hasn't faded one bit, and it's something I know I want to take seriously and continue with, whether successful or not. For that reason I'm promising myself to rebrand my blog and take it seriously from now on. 

In order to rebrand, the first change I am making is switching my blog name from clxelouise to chloelxuise (okay not a major transformation, but since noone could grasp the idea of clxelouise stood for chloe louise, but without the "h" and the "o" being an "x", it needed to change...Okay, actually I guess that was a bit confusing...).  I've changed the names of all my social medias to match this, and even bought my own .com domain (aye, get me going all professional). 

I've got so many blog ideas lined up for the next few months and a certain blogging project in the pipeline with other bloggers that I'm SO excited to be sharing over the next year!

I'm so excited to be back and I'm more motivated than ever. 
4pm every Thursday. 


  1. Love the new domain, confused that people couldn't grasp the first one though haha! So excited to see your future content!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Thank you! Yeah I lot of people said they didn't understand it, haha! Thank you gorgeous xx

  2. Aw, it's great to have a little bit of a break though! I've always liked your blog domain - it's different. Glad you're back anyways xx

    1. Exactly! I had a lot of time to plan out what I really wanted my blog to be which was good!Aw thanks, hope you like this one too, haha! Thank you lovely xx

  3. Kudos on your hard work and perseverance, doing well at at university, working two jobs, and on your blogging and social media related endeavours. You're amazing!


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