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Friday, 27 April 2018

What I Eat In A Day Abroad

There's nothing in this world that makes me happier than food.

I'm one of those girls that if I'm in a mood, take me out for food and I'll instantly be in your good books again, and whenever my food arrives in a restaurant I do a little happy dance. You know them ones.

Whenever I go home to France I always find myself eating so much healthier than when I'm in the UK living off pasta, because you know, uni life... I did a post on what I (typically) eat in a day 2 years ago! So I thought it was long overdue that I did an updated version.

PS. Please bare in mind that I am not a food blogger, therefore my presentation of some food is not up to Jamie Oliver standard. Okay, fab. 


This is probably my favourite breakfast choice of all time when I'm abroad. Streaky bacon, avocado smash, and one (or 3) waffles. 

Bacon (yes, I'm bacon obsessed) and rocket baguette, because France, duh. 

This is usually something I'd have for brunch if I've decided to be lazy and get up around 11/12 (and blame it on that one hour "jet lag"). Mozzarella with a tomato and cucumber base. Trust me, this tastes SO good. Sometimes I top it with 2 layers of prosciutto and a balsamic glaze if I want a more substantial meal.

Can I also just clarify that I don't have 3 breakfasts a day, these are the typical options I chose from. Just in case you thought I was an extreme pig. 


Yeap, that's me, just chilling being a chef.

I tried to replicate these smoked salmon avocado stacks after having them in a restaurant one time, and I think I did a bloody good job. 

To make them, scoop out the inside of an avocado and refill adding smoked salon, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, mixed herbs and lemon juice. You can even be boujee and add drops of balsamic on the side for presentation.

More salmon. This time a salmon fillet, grilled with lightly salted butter, lemon juice, and basil.

Of course you can't be in France and not take a trip to the patisserie. I always get a mille-feuille because they're literally my guilty pleasure!

 D I N N E R
dinner / tea / supper / whatever you want to call it.

Usually when I go home, we eat out quite a bit for dinner. 

Salmon (again) tartare, with fresh bread and an avocado paste.
Truuuuuust me, this is to die for.

Prosciutto and tapenade bruschetta. 
The menu said this was for sharing, but obviously I finished it all to myself. After having this I've become obsessed with tapenade, and I've even started making this for breakfast sometimes while I'm in uni (but a smaller portion, obviously).

So now I've made myself hungry by writing this post and I'm off to get some food.

I'm always wanting to try out new meals, so make sure to tell me what your favourite things to make are!


  1. Gosh, Now I'm craving Waffles and you may not be Jamie Oliver but my stomach feels hungry. :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Your food looks amazing! Love your blog x

  4. I find those posts always so interesting! And now I am hungry haha

    x Lisa |

    1. I love reading these types of posts too! Always looking to try new recipesX

  5. This is seriously so hard for me because I travel so much & I never know if I'm eating too much or too little. The food is usually delicious but I forget I can't just eat it all. this looks like a delicious day! xx

  6. Yep you've made me really hungry with this post as well, you ate so many nice things! The baguette looks bloody amazing.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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