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Sunday, 20 May 2018

All About My Septum Piercing

Before anyone asks, yes it is real.
If i got a penny for every time someone asked me if my septum piercing was real, I'd be one very rich gal.


Last September I extremely spontaneously decided I wanted to get a septum piercing. I have no clue why because I had never even thought about wanting one before or, nor did I even think they were that great of a piercing to get. But 8 months on, I'm still here with it in. 

Since septum piercings aren't overly common, I thought I'd share my experience and answer some questions I'm usually asked about the process! So if you're thinking of getting one, or just nosey (join the club) then keep reading!

I got my piercing done at a place called Holier Than Thou, in Manchester's Northern Quarter. To be honest I didn't really do much research into the best place to get it done because there's loads of trusted piercing places in Manchester, and I already knew some people who had gotten piercings here.

For the piercing alone it cost £20, but obviously you had to buy jewellery alongside that to be pierced with which was an additional £15, so it cost a total of £35.

Okay, this is probably the most frequent question I'm asked about my piercing.

Before the woman stuck a huge needle through my nose (just think about how thick the cartilage in your nose is, and then picture what the needle must look like) she explained the whole process of how it was going to be carried out. She explained that it would be painful but OH MY GOD, actual tears started streaming down my face. I am a drama queen, but I'm not going to lie that this piercing did hurt a lot. I have had rib tattoos, 6 lobe piercings (two of which I did myself), my helix pierced, and my conch pierced, and this was by far the worst pain out of them all. I do have quite a high pain threshold, but I would have to give the pain about an 8/10. In my experience, there was no blood when it was being pierced. 

You are advised not to play around and move your septum piercing after you get it done. But me being me couldn't resist and played with it a lot, which really didn't help.

After being pierced, it did sting for a while, and I was walking around Manchester looking like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. But it was just a subtle sting, nothing excessive.

Once I got it pierced I ALWAYS forgot it was there, which led to me knocking it several times when I went to go blow my nose, wash my face or do my makeup. Knocking it in the first few weeks of having it done is horrendous and extremely painful, so if you are going to get it pierced, be wary of that!

I was told to keep my jewellery in for around 6 weeks before I could change it, but me being me changed it about 4 weeks after. I was pieced with a horseshoe barbell piercing, and I didn't really like the look of it on me, so I decided to buy a circular hoop of the same thickness and swap it. Despite swapping my jewellery before I was supposed to, nothing happened and it continued to heal as normal.

3 months after I got it pierced I stared a new job so I took my piercing out and wore a clear retainer in it so no one knew it was pierced. 3 months later in March I put the jewellery back in and my piercing did become slightly infected on the left side of my nose which was quite uncomfortable. However, it healed naturally over the course of 2 weeks.

Personally I like the more smaller and dainty looking piercings. 
As I said before, I started out with a horseshoes barbell which I didn't like, and I now wear and 8mm diameter surgical steel circular hoop with a 14g gauge.

What do you think abut septum piercings?


  1. I have to say that I would be crying if i got this piercing! It looks beautiful on you so it was definitely worth it. I can't say I would ever do this however, septum piercings aren't really my thing! I'd probably have to be really drunk to do so lol. Way to go though girlie :)

    1. Hahah, it was painful but definitely worth it, I love it! Thanks gal!

  2. GIRL this piercing looks amazing on! Made for your face!

    x Lisa |

  3. This looks so good on you and I've heard that tattoo place is so good in Manchester, I've walked past in a few times and it looks great. Also really helpful post!

    Kay xx

  4. Aren't you a brave beautiful lady. Ha!! I couldn't do it. Suits you nicely.

  5. You are rocking this piercing girl!!! It suits you so well! Omg the most painful piercing I ever ever ever had was my helix. I don't mind pain but OMG, I have never been in so much pain lol! I've had my ribs tattooed and my ankle and my tongue pierced hahaha. xx

  6. It suits you so much! I keep on going back and forth about different sorts of piercings, but reading about the pain factor I might give this one a miss haha

    1. Hahaha I'd say it is definitely worth the pain though! By far one of the best things I've gotten done! x


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