The other week I decided to travel back to my hometown of Chester for a spontaneous day at the races. After living in Chester for the majority of my life before moving to France coming up to 6 years ago, going back to the city and seeing how much it had changed was really nostalgic for me, and it reminded me just how much of a beautiful city it really is.

I don't agree with the concept and ethics of horse racing, however since I hadn't been to the races since I was about 8 years old due to moving abroad, I wanted to go to almost relive my childhood and see it from an older perspective. That, and I wanted a chance to dress up and have a few drinks...

The races which were on that day only consisted of the horses running on a flat concourse with no jumps, therefore it is much safer than the more commercialised races.

Being located in the County Stand, I had to adhere to a strict dress code, so I opted for this white lace dress from River Island, paired with my black heels from Simmi Shoes (and yes, I lasted all day in my heels...impressive). 

Have you ever been to the races or Chester in general?