Sustainable fashion is becoming more and more on trend, with people willing to pay that little bit extra for pieces that will last longer, rather than opting for fast fashion options. I've had my fair share of cheap jeans which after a while fade in colour, shows signs of wear, and become subtly baggy around the legs. The price tag might be a bargain but it is reflected in the lifespan of the item.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying everyone should ditch fast fashion all together, as some pieces do go in and out of style, but for staple pieces such as denim jeans which go with absolutely everything and will be worn over and over again, I believe it really is worth investing in a more expensive pair.

Jeans - Calvin Klein
Top - Berhka
Boots - Bershka

I recently invested in these Calvin Klein Mid Rise Skinny Jeans for £110. For premium denim this isn't totally expensive, but it's not cheap either. Like all denim, at first they felt a bit uncomfortable while breaking them in, but after a while they gave way and started to suit my shape becoming much more comfortable. 

After working in a high end retailer which sells denim, I know that the less you wash jeans, the longer they last in regards to their colour and shape. You should never wash jeans over 30°, and NEVER tumble dry them (this is a lesson I've learnt several times). Premium denim will also last through several more washes than your standard denim too.

Some of the best places for premium denim are:
- Levi's
- Calvin Klein
- Armani

What are your thoughts on sustainable fashion?