I've always been a shoe person over a bag person, but lately I can't get enough of buying myself new bags and finding new styles. 

I recently purchased this gorgeous handbag for my mum after she found it on the Purificacion Garcia website and said how much she loved it. I'd never seen a bag like it before with its origami 3D shape so its a 10/10 for originally and I knew no one else would have a bag like it. 

Along with its design, it also has a subtle gold detailing of the PG initials which I like as it's not a designer bag which is in your face with branding. 

With an £148 price tag, the bag comes in 33 colours to choose from, so I think the bag could be a perfect gift for anyone, including yourself! I got this bag in the colour "pink" (really inventive name.)

What do you think about this bag?