As cosmetics are things which tend to run out quite quickly, I've never been someone who can justify spending my money on designer beauty products.  However saying that, here I am with a YSL beauty review... Am I okay?

Yves Saint Laurent has always been a designer brand which I adore fashion wise. I mean have you seen their heels?! So when I saw their beauty set, I thought I'd give it a go. 

This specific set was an eye set containing a mascara, liner and makeup remover. 

The brush of this mascara is a straight, one length brush which means there is equal application on each of the lashes. Its formula can be layered to achieve a very intense night look, but can also be applied lightly for a more day-to-day too. I found that when going for a natural application, I didn't have to apply much which I find I have to do with some drugstore mascaras.


I'm shook. Absolutely shook.

This eyeliner is such a creamy yet pigmented consistency which can easily be applied and even easily blended (amazing if you like to create smokey effects). This liner is also waterproof which I believe all liners should be! Not only that but once applied, this stuff literally doesn't budge! 


Eye & Lip Makeup Remover
As you can tell by the photos, the makeup remover in this set is pretty small, so personally I do think it will go very far. However, it does its job.

For my skincare routine I prefer micellar water over makeup remover, so I can be quite biased on this part of the review. However, you can smell that this product contains harsh chemicals to remove the makeup, and personally that's something I try to avoid at all costs, especially as its branded to be for the eyes.


Have you ever tried YSL beauty?