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Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Books I'm Currently Flipping Between

I've never been someone who's big into reading, but over the past year I've made it my goal to pick up a book and try to read as much as I can. I'm actually doing quite well at it at the moment, but I've realised that I can't stay focused on one book for too long, so I find myself flipping between books depending on what I feel like reading each day. 

I'm currently reading books based around personal development alongside one fiction, so I thought I'd share which ones I've been flipping between and also my thoughts on them!

Overnight Success - Maria Hatzistefanis

This book has been by far the most inspiring out of them all. Maria Hatzistedanis, founder of beauty company Rodial, shares all the ups and downs that she faced while getting her business off the ground and also shares essential tips of running a business, such as social media, working with influencers, and the best ways to market your brand in the ever changing technological world. Definitely a read for all those girlbosses out there!

Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill

Here I go again about the law of attraction... I had seen this book mentioned absolutely everywhere from blogs to YouTube videos to podcasts, so me being me, I had to jump on the bandwagon and what all of the buzz was about.
After reading The Secret I was able to grasp from early on in the book that the main message is based around the power of visualisation and implementation. This theme is something Napoleon Hill tries to get his readers to figure out throughout the book, and because of this I found that a lot of the content was very repetitive causing me to lose interest. 
I'm currently just under half way through this book and finding it hard to get fully into. However once I finish it, I may have a whole different view on it which I might update you all about in another post. 

Get Your Sh*t Together - Sarah Knight

This is the holy grail book for the ultimate lazy girl (like myself) who needs a huge kick up the butt to start getting everything they need to do on their endless to-do list done and start getting on with their life. I've found this book highly motivational as Sarah Knight writes in a no-nonsense tone and tells you how it is, which makes you look at how you spend your time and gives you a massive slap in the face with a reality check. 

A Stranger In The House - Shari Lapena

I'm not going to lie, I wasn't a massive fan of this book. I managed to finish it last month and all throughout reading it I found it a bit long winded. This is the only fiction book that I have been reading recently and it's definitely allowed me to confirm that I prefer non-fiction. Without giving too much away, the story-line is based on a woman who gets into a car crash, loses her memory due to amnesia, and then finds herself caught up in a murder investigation... But you know that feeling you get when movies and books have a bad ending? I think this is the worst one I've ever experienced. Definitely not a fan. 

What are the book you're currently flipping between? 


  1. These all sound like great read. I like books that teaches one something. Thanks for sharing. Helpful!

  2. I am going to have to check some of these out, I am obsessed with reading at the moment!

    Danielle xx

    1. I’d deefiniteky recommend overnight success! X


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