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Sunday, 17 March 2019

My Favourite Calvin Klein Clothing Pieces

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Calvin Klein is a brand that without meaning to, I have subconsciously found myself constantly purchasing from, from bralettes to underwear to clothing. Since I'm always adding to my collection I thought I'd share my favourite Calvin Klein clothing pieces so you can share my obsession too and find some pieces to add to your wardrobe!

This two piece lounge set was from CK's "Body" Collection which was endorsed by a campaign featuring the Kardashians. 

The bralette is still in stock and is priced at £30, however the joggers which were priced at around £60 are no longer on the website, however there are some monogram joggers which are similar.

CK's printed tee's have become so popular in the last year as they are simple pieces which can be styled with anything and everything. 

I recently bought the white version for £45 for my holiday to Barcelona after I accidentally put my black version of it in the wash with something red which ended up staining the white print (I'm still learning all this adult stuff.)

This swimsuit was my go-to, holy grail all throughout last summer and it will probably continue to be throughout this year too.

Triangle shaped bikinis are my favourite as they offer support but also look stylish. The contrast of the red, black and white on this particular bikini makes it look amazing on and stand out.

Unfortunately CK no longer stocks this colour, however it does stock the style (intense power) in an army green, pink or black.

Bikini top - £42
Bikini bottoms - £38

What are your favourite CK pieces?


  1. omg this looks amazing! amazing post


  2. I love CK tees! They go with everything!

    Mariya |

  3. The body collection looks so comfy, and totally something I would wear xx

    1. I literally live in it when I'm at home! xx


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