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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

New Beauty Buy: HiSmile Review

I am obsessed with the thought of having whiter teeth and if I was ever to get any work done to my body, it would be to get veneers. This product has been absolutely everywhere on social media throughout the past year- The promise of whiter teeth from the comfort of your own home? Yes please. I couldn't not buy it.

Before purchasing I read mixed reviews on whether or not the product actually worked, so I thought the best was to just try it out for myself! I have been using it for just under 3 months now, so I thought I'd share my results with you.

The original HiSmile set consists of one mouth guard, an LED light, and 3 gels which make up 6 sessions.You are advised to use the product everyday for 6 days when you first start using it and then a couple of times a week thereafter. Due to this I ordered 2 more boxes of gels so once I finished the first week, I could then continue using the product without waiting for another order. 

You are provided with a colour chart so you can monitor your progress. Before I started my 6 days my teeth were around a shade 4/5 and after the 6 days I noticed that my teeth had actually whitened to around a shade 3! I also had my boyfriend and housemates notice that my teeth had gone whiter without me saying anything, proving that it does make a noticeable change.


After using this product I did start to notice white spots occurring on my teeth which I had never noticed before. I may be wrong but I think this is down to the use of the LED light. I did some research and the use of the LED light can actually do more harm and good to the enamel on your teeth and in actual fact you don't even need to use the light because the ingredients are a natural whitener anyway. Therefore, simply applying the gel to the mouth-guard and keeping it in for 10 minutes will have the same effect! Due to this I've ditched the LED light. 

I now use my HiSmile once every week to maintain the colour. My teeth have not continued to turn whiter than a 3, but if I was to use it everyday for another 6 days I think they might. Overall I would recommend this product to anyone looking to brighten their smile in a fast, cost effective way!

Have you tried HiSmile?


  1. I have been wondering whether to try this out for such a long time!

    Danielle xx


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